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You misunderstand. It's *all* magic.

31 October
Dog is a bloke aged 35.

His job is Consulting Engineer. He works on big sexy steel things like power-pylons, hydro-dams, carillons, paper mills, tanks and pipelines. Mostly he works with power-pylons (think of me in your hot shower tomorrow you lucky little munchkin).

His obsessions are: Roleplaying, Snowboarding, Rockclimbing, Partying, Geeking, Gaming, Fluting, Fencing, Reading. He's also busy exercising, with several targets and for a several reasons.

His hot projects at present are:
Seeking out scores for solo-flute music.
Finding a multi-channel EEG circuit diagram (preferably with circuit-board art).
Recruiting people to come rock-climbing (in Mt Eden, in Auckland), and snowboarding (at Snowplanet in Auckland).

Alas he is single, but on the other side of the karma-cookie, soon it will be snow season. :o)